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Domestic Relations, Family Law, and Divorce issues are complex and emotional. You can help protect your legal rights and interests by working closely with a committed divorce lawyer and domestic relations attorney who understands your rights and will protect your interests. Divorce and family law is one legal area where each and every person facing a divorce, dissolution, child custody, child support, or some other family law or domestic relations matter must have a capable and skilled family law attorney and divorce lawyer to help navigate the confusing domestic relations legal process. Hiring the right lawyer is one of the most important steps you must take when facing the prospect of filing or defending a Complaint for Divorce, Petition for Dissolution, a Legal Separation, Allocation of Parental Rights and Responsibilities (Child Custody), or other problems that may arise in the area of Domestic Relations and Family Law.


divorceResolving Divorce and Family Law Issues

Whether you are going through a divorce, dissolution, separation, or you have some other family law and domestic relations legal issue, contacting a knowledgeable and skilled attorney can put you on the path toward a fair and equitable resolution.

At the Law Offices of Jack L. Moser, Jr.., divorce, dissolution, child custody and other family law issues are the primary focus of our domestic relations and family law attorneys. Contact us at to schedule a free initial consultation about any of the following domestic relations and family law issues:

  • Divorce vs. Dissolution: Ohio law provides for two primary ways to end a marriage, although there are a few other less common ways to end the marriage as well. The parties can agree to a dissolution when each and every aspect or issue the law requires is addressed by the parties and agreed upon. In the event the parties cannot agree upon each and every aspect and issue, then the parties must file for a divorce.

  • Spousal Maintenance: Ohio also allows for spousal “maintenance” - also known as alimony or spousal support. A capable attorney can utilize an award of spousal maintenance to bring about a fairer and more equitable division of assets. Maintenance can also be used to provide a fair and equitable income for a spouse who may not work, may work part-time, or who has come to rely on the income of the other spouse. A knowledgeable lawyer can assist you in determining whether you should assert your rights to spousal maintenance and support.


  • Child Custody:Child custody and visitation in Ohio is now called allocation of parental rights and responsibilities. Such custody is based on the best interests of the child, and generally includes having both parents involved in sharing custody – a concept called “Shared Parenting” - to the extent that both parents are responsible parents. There is a presumption in Ohio courts for “Shared Parenting,” which means the court must order Shared Parenting “unless” there is a good reason not to order Shared Parenting.


  • Child Support: Ohio child support is based on a formula called the Ohio Child Support Calculation Guidelines. The formula is statutory and takes into account the income of both the custodial and the non-custodial parent. Child Support is a separate issue from child custody and visitation. Child support must be paid even if the parent who owes child support is denied visitation by the person receiving child support.


  • Division of Assets and Liabilities:In Ohio the division of marital real property, marital personal property, and the equitable distribution doctrine is complicated. The allocation of liabilities that sets forth which party will pay which creditor money owed is also complicated. A knowledgeable and skilled divorce lawyer can help you find creative solutions and obtain the necessary evidence to support your desired outcome.


  • Post-Decree Modification and Enforcement: Most aspects of an Ohio divorce decree can be modified by either party when relevant and material circumstances change or occur. Ohio law also provides several ways and means to enforcing court orders. However, as post-decree matters can sometime become expensive, a skilled attorney can help you determine whether a request for modification, enforcement, or some other post-decree matter would be worthwhile when considering the value of the outcome weighed against the cost.
  • Collaborative Divorce and Mediation: Ohio law also provides alternatives to the traditional route of divorce; and these alternatives are becoming increasingly more popular among people who would desire to avoid litigation but have legal issues they need to work out with attorneys. A knowledgeable lawyer can assist you in utilizing such alternative routes to solving family law and domestic relations problems


  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: A well-drafted Ohio prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can provide predictability and stability for those looking to protect their current or expected future assets. A skilled divorce lawyers and family law attorney can assist you in drafting such an agreement that will protect your particular assets.
  • Adoption: Whether you desire to formalize your relationship with a child already in your care or you want to bring a new child into your household, the Law Offices of Jack L. Moser, Jr., can help you meet your goals. Ohio adoption law allows for step-parenting adoptions, full fledged adoptions, and other ways and means to facilitate for the care of a child. A knowledgeable attorney can help you petition the courts for such an adoption.

We represent Domestic Relations and Family Law clients in Columbus, Central Ohio, and Surrounding Counties: Franklin County, Delaware County, Fairfield County, Licking County, Pickaway County, Madison County, Union County, and beyond.

Regardless of your county of residence, if you are in need of a skilled, experienced, and aggressive Domestic Relations and Family Law attorney, call the Law Offices of Jack L. Moser, Jr., to find out how our knowledgeable and qualified attorneys can help you meet your goals.

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